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Bhumika Chawla Wallpapers

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Bhumika chawla is an actress who has worked in chiefly telugu and hindi movies.

Basics on Bhumika

Bhumika chawla was born as rachna in new delhi, india on the 21st august 1978. Gudiya, as he is also called, was born to ajit singh chawla and bali. Her sister was a military officer and her older sister followed his line of work. He also has an older sister.

In 2007, Bhumika married bharat thakur, a widely known yoga instructor.

Bhumika relocated to mumbai and worked in ads and music videos. Her most popular commercial was ponds talcum powder and he was seen on zee tv hip hip hurray.

In 2003, her releases okkadu with mahesh babu and tere naam with salman khan became hits. He continued to work in both hindi and telugu movies like silsiilay (2005), sathyabhama (2007), gandhi my sister (2007) as well as a punjabi film yaariyan (2008).

Bhumika chawla movies

Bhumika chawla made her debut in a telugu film yuvakudu (2000). In 2001, he found success in khushi with pawan kalyan which was a remake of the tamil hit khushi.

In 2009, he's a tamil release maa with srikanth, a hindi film classmates and yagam in telugu.

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