Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paparazzi-style ring

SLR Camera is booming, everyone is vying to have it though .. not many have the soul of photography to capture the beautiful moment or take a good angle. Even if the price is not cheap, in fact SLR camera still selling well. How about you, whether this phenomenon makes you tempted to have a camera?

Forget the first real camera, because this time we will play with miniature cameras. The lovers seem to love the retro style of this unique ring. A miniature camera that is coated with a decorative gold color rings, interesting and unique. Designed with an exclusive and make your style is not lost with the paparazzi.

Fred Flare are really good at making a variety of unique accessories and cute again presents a captivating work. The ring-shaped camera that will adorn your fingers. Camera body is black with gold lining in some parts reinforce the retro style. And on the lens, there are miniature lens that seems to be more attractive if replaced with a diamond.

Price ring is not too expensive, Fred Flare's official website offers a price of $ 12. If you play around on other sites that offer the same goods, the price is cheaper ring, which is $ 10. Not to be confused with the size of the ring, because the paparazzi-style ring is designed for all sizes. You can adjust the size of the circumference of the ring with his fingers.

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